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Since 1976, it is among the Turkey’s oldest firms that specialize in hydraulic work platforms and hydraulic tables. Hundreds of products are used successfully all around Turkey.
The firm which follows the highest standards in quality and safety has CE quality certificate and HD 1004 certificate of conformity. Since 2000, it continues to export work platforms, hydraulic tables and tower systems manufactured to number of countries all around the world.
Scissors Platforms

Did you ever climb a 8 meters swinging ladder with a toolbox and carry out overhead work?
If you didn't do, don't try...
If you did, you must know how difficult it was...
Our production Push-around/Towable Scissors Type Work Platforms are access you and your materials up to every height you desire with maximum safety...
Fastest and cheapest way to reach up to 10.9 meters high.
Easy to carry from one site to another.
Easily passes from standard door- ways and corridors.
Can be used on any surfaces.
Scissors type Work Platforms are man-hour savers because they put men and equipment right up where the job is quickly, safely, and easily... High lifting capacity and maneuver- ability eliminates the need, the cost, the hazards and the time-consuming labor of ladders and scaffolding...


Lifting capacity up to 500 kg
380 VAC power
Welded steel construction according to stress concentration.
Original valve block
Line rupture valves to protect free fall of the platform
Operating from platform and ground level
24 VDC control system power for safety
Control cable enclosed inside the lift arms.
Forklift boots for carrying platform site to site
Adjustable 4 stabilizing interlocking outriggers
Removable safety rails
220 VAC outlet on platform
Security bar for maintenance jobs
One year limited warranty


Front deck extension ( 1 .0 m)
Toolbox on platform
Lowering horn
220 VAC or 24 VDC power option


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