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Since 1976, it is among the Turkey’s oldest firms that specialize in hydraulic work platforms and hydraulic tables. Hundreds of products are used successfully all around Turkey.
The firm which follows the highest standards in quality and safety has CE quality certificate and HD 1004 certificate of conformity. Since 2000, it continues to export work platforms, hydraulic tables and tower systems manufactured to number of countries all around the world.
Pratic IV-VI

Towable mini working scaffold system with castors

• Practical Working Scaffold with 4 rung (PRATIC IV) length 1.25 m/ width 0.60 m/ height 1.20 m
• Practical Working Scaffold with 6 rung (PRATIC VI) length 1.25 m/ width 0.70 m/ height 1.90 m

At home and work yard your installations will be so practical with this PRATIC.

Technical details:
• When folded its length will be only 10 cm, so easy to carry, ship and store.
• It easily fit on the back of van and station wagon.
• Load capacity is 150 kg distributed.
• Platforms are made of lightweight aluminum with none slipping surface. (Since it is made two equal parts easy to carry and used as a ladder)
• Electrostatic powder coated paint gives PRATIC long life and pretty view.
• Every rung of the frame can be used for platform level.
• Breakable heavy duty polyamide castors.
• Could be used for Working Scaffold besides working table and carrying car.
• Long life, reasonable price and 3 years of structural warranty.

• M series: Heavy Duty Castors
• D series: Heavy Duty Steering Axle with Industrial Solid Rubber Tyres
• H series: Heavy Duty Steering Axle with Automotive Air Filled Tyres
• T series: Trailer Mounted System with Automotive Air Filled Tyres

Subject to change without notice
These models are CE certificated.

• TP series: Heavy Duty Castors
• TPD series: Heavy Duty Steering Axle with Industrial Solid Rubber Tyres.

Subject to change without notice

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